Day Whatever (“Don’t he look like Billy Bob Thornton?”)

Chigger hates to subject you to this inanity. Chigger is presently working on two scenic videos of stuff he saw at Yellowstone Park and at Glacier Park. Increasingly, people are telling him to get his Billy Bob mug away from in front of the camera. In the meantime, please humor him.

5 responses to “Day Whatever (“Don’t he look like Billy Bob Thornton?”)”

  1. Good job, Rev…..glad to see and hear you are back on track and you canceled your dance lessons. Safe travels….

  2. I wanna see a bear eat something! Enough tent talk. Get out there and let us hear you say Hey yawl watch this!

  3. Love it! Sounds like you are enjoying the spaces and people. Keep your eyes open and keep sharing!

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