Day Three!

A shower, some sunshine, a lake, a distant sailboat, and he feels better! (He still doesn’t actually know where he is, though. He keeps saying northwest Missouri, when it’s really southwest Missouri. But in his case ignorance is bliss, bless his heart).

4 responses to “Day Three!”

  1. Glad u got a shower and a PEPSI……hang in there and remember they can’t hit a moving target.

  2. The story thus far: Chiggerticky mounts a camera and acquires a new strut. Among unfamiliar trees, he gets lost, meets a woman named Naomi, and takes a shower.

  3. Thanks for the heads up that you’re blogging this trek, bro!
    And to think that before I saw your vid today I had already “favorited” David Lynch’s tweet:

    David Lynch ‏@DAVID_LYNCH 12h
    Dear Twitter Friends, the happy squirrels are running fast and free.

    Safe travels bro, and prepare Godfrey for serpentine maneuvers in defense of retaliation from hunter backlash to this installment!

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