Oh, no! My trip’s in jeopardy!

Yesterday, en route to get a few last things for today’s departure, I had a car wreck–one that would qualify as a fender-bender. Only in this case it was a strut-bender. My car, the beloved, Godfrey, is  now in the shop with “Cowboy,” the mechanic, replacing  strut.  None of that sounds good, I know.  Nevertheless, I hope Cowboy will emerge shortly with a good bill of health.  If I can get to Memphis by 10 pm, the trip will still be on schedule. Please send up prayers, good vibes, etc.

2 responses to “Oh, no! My trip’s in jeopardy!”

  1. Take it you did make it out . . . ? Bon voyage and all that. Safe travels. Don’t let the bedbugs bite, if bedbugs bit chiggertickies.

  2. Bon Voyage. Safe travels. Don’t let the bedbugs bite . . . if bedbugs bite chiggertickies.

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