After clocking 5,000 road miles since June 29, Chiggerticky (now on the upper peninsula of Michigan) offers three brief reflections: 1) weird state laws; 2) the dirty side of camping; and 3) living with bugs.

Glacier and the Creator

Briefly, (off camera!) he waxes theological (in a secular sort of way) about why people may be drawn to Montana. Then he shuts up and lets the scenery speak for itself. The music—which is powerful—is “Christ Child Lullaby” by Barry Phillips, Sarah-Jane Summers and friends.

Day Eight-Nine (OFF THE GRID)

Friends! Wanna to let you know I’ll be “off the grid” the next few days.  I have NO CELL COVERAGE at my campsite and very little elsewhere in Yellowstone. I have no electricity, and the batteries on my vid cam and computer are depleted. I am recharging the vid cam via an inverter plugged into my car ciglighter and will get some park footage. But it may not be posted for a few days. Have already seen several buffalo/bison but no bears. I don’t care if I never see any, after the woman at the registration desk so riveted with me fear. “Listen,” she said, peering over her reading glasses, “they’ll tear straight into your tent for food.” Picking up the fearful mood, I pounded fist on counter and declared on point of panic, “Why they are terribly uncouth creatures, aren’t they?” She looked at me quizzically and said, “Uh….yeah…right. Here’s your windshield decal.”

Day Three!

A shower, some sunshine, a lake, a distant sailboat, and he feels better! (He still doesn’t actually know where he is, though. He keeps saying northwest Missouri, when it’s really southwest Missouri. But in his case ignorance is bliss, bless his heart).

Oh, no! My trip’s in jeopardy!

Yesterday, en route to get a few last things for today’s departure, I had a car wreck–one that would qualify as a fender-bender. Only in this case it was a strut-bender. My car, the beloved, Godfrey, is  now in the shop with “Cowboy,” the mechanic, replacing  strut.  None of that sounds good, I know.  Nevertheless, I hope Cowboy will emerge shortly with a good bill of health.  If I can get to Memphis by 10 pm, the trip will still be on schedule. Please send up prayers, good vibes, etc.